Monday Class - All levels

The Monday Class at at COVO - Connecting voices - 12b Asylum Road - SE15 2RL has been running since October 2014. The class can accommodate up to 12 students, so make sure to book your spot if you plan to pay us a visit!.


You can book directly from this page for the option that suits you best.

- Single class (£12/class)
- Pack of 5 classes for £50 (£10 per class)
- Pack of 11 classes for £100 classes class (£9.10/class)

Use the Drop down list below to choose your prefered option:

Power Vinyasa Yoga with Stéphane Kouamé

yoga Covo Connecting Voices

The class starts at 6:30pm and lasts for 75 minutes (please don't be late). Whether you are new or a more experienced yogi, the vinyasa style practice of synchronizing your breath with your movements, will allow you to gradually feel your body with more and more acuity and calm your mind, one posture at a time...
Stephane offers hands on assist and variations in the postures to allow students to take their practice to a new depth (if they wish to). Classes always finish with a welcome relaxation which length can vary from 3 to almost 10 minutes....

I could explain in more details the benefits of the class but, as you probably already know, words can rarely grasp the whole reality of what we experience in each moment...
Yoga is something to be experienced... Come and experience it with us.