Inversion & Arm Balance - WORKSHOP

► Saturday 7th July 2018 - 1:30 to 4pm
COVO -Connecting Voices
12b Asylum Road
London SE15 2RL

Let's learn to step out of our comfort zone and let's see things in a new perspective: standing on the hands, on the forearms, head down...
Inverted postures are so interesting! They allow us to grow more confident and to develop more mind-body coordination.
The physical benefits include strenghtening of the heart, relief of "heavy legs", boost blood circulation, reduce lower back pressure...

Workshop Objectives:

Jumping into Crow/ out of Crow;
Side Crow with variations;
Progression to Headstand;
Variations in Headstand;
Progression to Handstand;
Variations in Handstand;
Progression towards Forearm Balance;
Learning to assist a partner when practicing inversions;
Q&A as we move along the workshop;


Inversions & Arm Balances
Booking - £25
Saturday 7th of July 2018
1:30 to 4pm

Please arrive 10 minutes early, bring some water and a towel, some energy snack too if you want.
You can also bring a cushion or two...

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