Workhshop yoga

WORKSHOP - "Grounded, Opened, Alive" Saturday 5th May 2018 - 1:30 to 4pm
Covo Connecting Voices - 12b Asylum Road, Pekham SE15 2RL

We can do the posture as if we have to conform to an image that we have in mind, (what I call, doing the pose with our head), or we can learn some key aspects of the yoga philosophy, anatomy and breath and apply them to feel the pose in regard to our uniqueness...
the key is to learn to FEEL and give a rest to the THINKING, for a moment... benefits are a more relaxed body, a calmer mind and an increasing ability to get the two working as friends...

If the second approach speaks to you, beginner or not, you will certainly benefit from the content that I will share with you.

Workshop Objectives:

An atelier to (re)-explore the foundations of your yoga practice.
After a short practice to get into your body, we will discuss and experiment in an informal setting with tools that will allow you to feel more connected to your body and make your yoga practice something that you can constantly readjust, to feel more, grounded, open and alive...

Key aspects of a well constructed posture;
Learning how to use the uniqueness of your body in the the poses;
Learning how to flow using the breath, link between body and mind;
Good practice to avoid injuries;
Q&A as we move along the workshop;
Group interaction, which brings fun and enhances learning.

Workshop "Grounded, Open, Alive" - Booking - £25

Please arrive 10 minutes early, bring some water, some energy snack too if you want to, and a note pad and pen...

5th May 2018 - 1:30 to 4pm
COVO Connecting Voices
12b Asylum Road - SE15 2RL