1 to 1 - Personalised Sessions

Is this you?

► You have not been as physically active as you might have wanted to during the past few months or years;
► You have followed yoga online and feel that something maybe is missing...
► You want to start yoga and don't feel like pushing the door of a studio yet;
► You have a regular practice and would like to explore poses that group classes rarely offer to work on;
► You are curious to see how some body manipulation can improve your movements, balance and comfort;
► You just want to treat yourself...

The One to One - Personalised sessions are tailored to respect your individual needs. Some bodywork techniques specially adapted to address the muscles involved in the practice of postures will be applied to activate or loosen muscles when necessary - allowing you to relate to the postures in a complete new light, feeling stronger, more balanced an way more relaxed too.

Relaxing bodywork will take place inoor only. Here, private stuio in STretham.
Where will sessions take place? ► Deep relaxation and bodywork will only be offered during sessions taking place indoor, in a safe, quiet and comfortable setting. This can be at yours if you'd like to or in a private venue I have access to, locally.► When weather is dry warm, sessions can take place outdoor around the Streatham Common - Norwood Grove area.

Once you enrol, we'll have a telephone conversation that will allow me to tailor the "1 to 1" to your specific circumstances, intention and needs.
Sessions will include the following:
► Energising/Relaxing breath work;
► Improving mobility and strength of joints and muscles through wide range of gentle movements
► developing body awareness - best way to preserve ourselves from injuries, most of the time occurring when mind and body don't work in concert...
► Hands-on-assist/ Body work  - applied to help you with alignment, muscle activation, body awareness and relaxation, depending on what is needed at the time.
Outcomes to expect:
► Fitter body;
► Increased balance, flexibility, mobility;
► Improved focus and concentration;
Better digestion, sleep patterns;
More balanced emotional state.


► Taster Session" = £30.

Single "1 to 1 Personalised Session" = £45.
3 X "1 to 1 Personalised Sessions" =£120. (valid for 4 weeks)
6 X "1 to 1 Personalised Sessions" = £200. (valid for 7 weeks)

Once you have chosen the option that best suits you, placeyour order using the button "Buy Now" below and I'll contact you for discussing your preferences of dates, times and location for our first session.
The practiceof yoga, like any other physical activity is not exempt of risks. If new to yoga, before joining the classes, if you are uncertain of your ability to take part in exercise of any nature, yoga included, please refer to your GP and ask his/her advice. By deciding to register for the sessions, you accept to take all responsibility for possible injury that may occur as a result of acondition that the teacher is not aware of, or as a result of attempting to perform movements without following the strict guidance of the teacher.
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1 to 1 Personalised Sessions


Once your order is received, I (Stéphane) will message you to ask best time for the consultation call and then, we're good to go.