Andalucia Yoga Retreat - June 2023

5 night retreat in the mountains of the natural park of the Sierra Grazalema, Andalucia - Southern Spain. From June 13th to 18th 2023. Organised with partner organisation Yoga Lucia
A time to recharge, away from the crowd, away from the busy-ness of daily life. A time to immerse ourselve to Nature and deeply reconnect with our most fundamental needs, a time to chill and rejuvenate.

The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean means that unique plants and animals strive in this slightly tropical micro-climate. You can do yoga in the silence of the mountain, explore serene hiking trails, cool off in one of the 5 outdoor swimming pools with views of the Sierra, taste local foods and sleep in luxury accommodations.
The accommodations are rooms in villas with views of the mountain, air conditioners and heaters and there is wifi inside all the buildings.

If you´re looking for a mountain and yoga vacation, this is the place for you!