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Brothers in YOGA with Stéphane

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121-127 Streatham High Road, Streatham, London, SW16 1HJ

  • Thursday: 20:200 - 21:00
  • Saturday: 12:00 - 13:05






You can become more confident and consistent with your daily practice by joining in one ofmy live-stream classes.
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If you decide that yoga is good for you. Look at the content of the online course "Empower Yourself Through Breath and Mindful Movement". Breathing techniques and principles to apply to movement to transform a routine into an empowering practice.

Most men are sceptical of yoga, believing that it will never compare to a heavy session in the weights room, but yoga is brilliant for increasing muscle tone and strength as you use your own body weight as resistance. It also increases flexibility and balance, loosening joints and stretching muscles, which can relieve pain and is essential for long-term health.
The benefits of yoga for men are not only physical but also mental; yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress, thanks to breathing techniques and controlled movements. If you’re in a high-pressured job or have a busy day-to-day life, yoga will provide you with the timeout you need to relax and focus, which will also have positive effects on your immune system. In turn, you’ll find your sleep is enhanced as you find a way to switch-off from your thoughts.

Yoga benefits other sports
Many athletes benefit from yoga and use it to enhance their performance as it incorporates more all-round movement and strengthens important muscles which aren’t necessarily used in their chosen sport. This improves their overall performance and reduces their risk of injury. The New Zealand rugby team practise yoga to help them visualise the game ahead and stay flexible; so even the manliest of men have recognised its advantages!
This works the same as if you use yoga to accompany your gym workout. If you’re into running, which focuses on your lower body strength, yoga will balance this strength and help prevent a tight neck and shoulders. Stretching tends to take a back seat in the average male’s fitness regime but is essential; yoga will fill this hole to prevent injury and speed-up recovery. Due to its mental benefits of increased focus and concentration, you’ll be more dedicated to your fitness goal and will perform better in a stressful situation.
Yoga is for everyone

Yoga is beneficial for people of all ages and abilities; you may find a much older woman getting into positions that you, as a young man, can only dream of. But you’ll get there with time and dedication, which will benefit your well-being in the long term.
There are many different types of yoga, so you’ll need to find a style that suits you. You can try Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Power Yoga, which has been attracting more men recently due to its more vigorous nature, amongst others...
(information above from this article: https://www.healthandfitnesstravel.com/blog/why-yoga-is-good-for-men).

Although we want this class to be a place when men can meet a practice that is tailored to their need, challenge themselves together, do the work of releasing energetic overload, reconnect with the playfulness of the once child, together; it does not mean that women are not welcome. Everyone can join this joyful and challenging class.


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