Event Yoga Deep - 2 Hour Class

► Saturday April 13th  - 6 to 8pm
Studio b

130 Brixton Hill
London SW2 1RS


April 13th 2019 at Studio b will be the 3rd edition of this event initiated last January and February events, we're doing it again. 2 Hours for a deep release of tension starting with some pranayama (breath work), then we'll move our body through various poses to optimize opening of the joints, lengthening of the spine, we'll work most muscle groups to finish with a 30 minutes deep relaxation, so mind and body can reset in peace andleave you feeling light, strong and very likely on a high (yes, you will release some dopamine - the feel good hormone - in your system).

I am a beginner, can I join?
Sure. If you have done yoga 4 or 5 times, you can enjoy this class.

► Mats and props will be provided
► Bring some warm socks, a sweater or light blanket, a pillow if you want.

The power of an extended community
South London's large community of yoga lovers from all styles and all levels can come together once a month and live a powerful collective experience to go beyond the class format commonly available in most studios or gyms.


Let's create this together. See you on the mat!

YOGA DEEP - 2 hour class
with Stephane Kouame
Please arrive 10 minutes early, bring some water and a towel, a sweater and warm socks or even a light blanket to stay warm and comfy during long final relaxation.
See you there!

Studio b
130 Brixton Hill
Saturday April 13th 2019
18:00 - 20:00

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