AUDIO FOR THE MIND  -  Comfort & Relaxation 

►  Aware, Alive- Meditation - A short meditation (7:30 mins) to help you step out of excessive thinking activity and into awareness of the living body. (Listen now)
Music: "Temple of Silence" by Deuter. 

►  Light & Darkness - Meditation - Meditation to feel whole and reconcile our luminous and dark sides.
To do lying down(Savasana). Duration: 10:17 minutes. (Listen now)

►  Step Into Your Future Now - Meditation - ...watching the thoughts appear in your awareness, passing by and disappearing...
Duration: 11:49 minutes. (Listen now)

Full Body Relaxation - Guided relaxation to listen to anytime you need a deep rest of body and mind - 15 minutes. (Listen now)
►  Intuition And Heart Re-connection Meditation - Connect to the most powerful and deepest part of you - 22 minutes. (Listen now)
►  Who's Watching the Mind - Meditation - To feel whole and reconcile our luminous and dark sidestep right NOW in the energy of the one you wish to become. Duration: 22:48 minutes. (Listen now)
►  Grounding, Connecting, Expanding - Meditation - 40 minutes meditation to feel grounded and feed the energy of your heart through the whole of you…
Duration: 44 minutes. (Listen now)

►  Yoga Nidra - Connect to Your Ultimate Presence - Come to rest and abide into the deep ultimate unchanging presence that you are, with the practice of Yoga nidra.
Duration: 57:29 minutes. (Listen now)

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