Park Yoga

Zoom Classes with Stéphane

Because not everyone can join me on #Streatham Common for Park Yoga, I make sure that, 4 times a week, the class is live-streamed via Zoom. The schedule at the bottom of this page displays all the Park Yoga classes and the classes available on Zoom (Since we are depending on good weather to enjoy outdoor c;lasses, schedule may vary slightly from one week to another. Not much).
Morning classes are usually starting with some pranayama (breath control exercises) or meditation to become more body aware, then move through some postural work with constant focus on breathing and balancing strength with relaxation in the way we move and hold postures. Classes always end with a gradual calming down of muscular activity, emotional and mental activity too, to finish in a very relax moment.

Evening classes are less dynamic, mainly geared towards helping to release the tension from the body. By moving more slowly and holding some specific postures for a longer time, we ease the flow of energy through us, manifesting in us with easier mobility, feeling relaxed, calmer, feeling physically cared for, simply by virtue of our own attention. 


► Step 1: Select the class that you want to book;
► Step 2: At checkout, you'll be invited to pay for a single class or choose between the various discounted options available (see below).

Each time you book a class, an email containing a single link will be emailed to you to join the class.

Booking needs to be made at least 1 hour before the class is due to start.


► 1 Single Class = £9;
► 5 class pack = £40 (no limit to validity);

The link for a particular class will be sent via email following booking for the class.