Diby Kouame

Online Course - Simple yet powerful techniques from yoga that will allow you to shift your emotional state and empower your body and your mind.

Everything is ENERGY. Change your energy before your circumstances can change.
The breathing, meditation, and physical practices of yoga are here precisely for that: to allow energy to move more freely from places where it had been stuck for some times, resulting in emotional unrest, mental and/or physical discomfort.


The times we live in are challenging, to say the least but in the unknown lies the germ of manifesting the new. In the Chinese alphabet, the character depicting the idea of danger is the same as opportunity... This course is for men and women* willing to find within themselves the resources for reducing stress and anxiety, to feel peace of mind, to feel grounded in the face of changing circumstances...What we focus on, what we identify with defines what we experience in thoughts feelings, and physical sensations.
By using awareness of the breath, choosing what we focus on and introducing new movements, new body sensation to our attention, we can learn to feel present and safe and peaceful in the midst of discomfort and uncertainty. This is what this course is about.
The course uses yoga as a way of introducing mindfulness of breath and movement. It is not style specific and no prior experience is required in order to benefit from day 1 from the knowledge and practices shared in this programme.
The purpose of this course is to equip you with some powerful skills that you will be able to apply to any daily life situation requiring that you find a calm, grounded, confident, strong, and peaceful self.
"Where attention goes, Energy flows"... And right now, where we need our attention is on our inner resources, our innate ability to energise and strengthen our body, to balance our emotional state, to promote and support our immune system...
Everything is energy and the breath is our most vital and reliable source of Energy. Becoming more aware of the way we breathe leads to more clarity of mind, more creativity, more peace of mind, it allows us to use our bodies with more awareness, more efficiently, more safely too. A deeper and more conscious breath supports powerfully all body functions and promotes a strong immune system.

*The movements and classes in this course are gentle but like with any exercise, if unsure please ask advice from your doctor before starting.


Session 1: Presentation Video
Session 2 to 5: This is where any transformation starts, Breathing practices to calm the mind, create focus and feel grounded, to energise, to calm, to balance energies.
Session 6, 7: Sun Salutations (warm up sequences).
Session 8: Keys Principles of Empowering Posture. To get the full benefit of the yoga classes and short movement modules that will follow.
Sessions 9: Guided Yoga Class 35 min;
Session 10: Guided Yoga Class 50 mins;

The following modules can be practiced "stand alone" practice for awakening the breath and specific parts of the body or can be mixed to create a longer practice once you become familiar with the movements. Take your time and keep applying the Key principles through each module.
Session 11: Movement Module 1 - Elongate Spine, Open Back, Rib-cage, Shoulders;
Session 12: Movement Module 2 - Open Space in Hip Joints and Lower Back;
Session 13: Movement Module 3 - Core Activation, Leg Stretch, Side Bending;
Session 14: Movement Module 4 - Chair Pose Twist, Back Opening and Leg Stretching;
Session 15: Bonus Session - 2 Best Postures for Releasing Tension from Lower Back.

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