Park Yoga 2021

PARK YOGA 2.0 Are you ready?

Between mid-April and early September, you will have the opportunity to practice yoga outdoor on Streatham Common (class times may vary from time to time, depending on the fluctuations of the weather).
Practicing yoga outside in direct connection with the telluric energies from Earth, the Sun light and the oxygen provided by the surrounding trees, is one of the most powerful things you can do to strengthen your immune system and soothe your emotional state and mental activity.
You have never practiced yoga before? Well, you can start with us. Each class offers adjustments and variations to suits every level. 

For groups and 1 to1

You can join us every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday from 10am. Classes last 75minutes. Sometimes, weather will prevent the outdoor class from happening. In that case, class will be live-streamed on Zoom - link will be sent to you after you've booked for class as usual (booking table at the bottom of the page).

You can start with private sessions

Individual sessions are available to help you get familiar quickly with the basics of an empowering and transformative practice. (Learn more about the "1 to 1 week intensive").
Contact Stéphane to arrange some "1 to 1" sessions.


Streatham Common.
- Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: On the Common, usually under a tree if its very sunny.
- Saturday morning: The area at the top oh the Common, away from the footballers and protected from wind by trees overlooking the Common.


How to book?

► Step 1:  Go to the schedule - bottom of this page.
► Step 2: Select the class that you want to book (use arrows to navigate to your desired day);
► Step 3: At checkout, you'll be invited to pay for a single class or choose between the various discounted options available (see below).

Single Class, Package & Memberships

► 1 Single Class = £15
► 5 class pack = £60 (valid one month)
Park Yoga Monthly Membership = £80 (gives you access also to Monday Live-Stream Class)