Park Yoga 2021

PARK YOGA 2.0 Are you ready?

Practicing yoga outside in direct connection with the telluric energies from Earth, the Sun light and the oxygen provided by the surrounding trees, is one of the most powerful things you can do to strengthen your immune system and soothe your emotional state and mental activity.
The classes are opened to beginners who are willing to work on both body and mind... and offer plenty of postural options for more advanced students.

Sunny Week Special

As the dry and warm weather returns for at least a week, the Sunny Week Special invites you to 5 consecutive days of yoga on the grass to strengthen, soothe, expand on what you know and explore the frontiers of your comfort zone...All levels welcome.
The week comes at a discounted price of £40 (you will be presented with the option to buy a discounted package when you make a booking for the week ending on the 14th. You can then use the purchased package to pay for any other class for that week. You can also book classes as a single class at the usual price.


Streatham Common.
Somewhere around the middle of the Common, usually under a tree if its very sunny.


How to book?

► Step 1:  Go to the schedule - bottom of this page.
► Step 2: Select the class that you want to book for (use arrows to navigate to your desired day);
► Step 3: Make your payment to finalise booking (at checkout, choose between single class or discounted package).

Single Class or Discounted Package

► Morning 60mins (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday) = £12
► Afternoon 90mins (Thursday) = £15
► Sunny Week Special *= £40 (save £21)

*This package offers 5 consecutive classes for the week ending on Saturday 14th and will not extend beyond that date.