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PARK YOGA with Stéphane - Group Class or 1-to1? You choose.

Every day of the week (if no rain). Early morning, mid-morning or evening classes available. For those who cannot make it to the park, some classes are available on Zoom (Check the timetable at the bottom of the page for details). the same classes that are been streamed and the timetable/booking schedule is identical, same price too.
Yoga and your Immune System...
While the asanas make up the cornerstone of infection prevention, yoga's benefits don't stop there. Since both colds and flu attack the bronchial passages, it makes sense that conditioning the lungs and maximizing one's breathing capacity through pranayama would build resistance to preying organisms. Kraftsow, in his recent book Yoga for Wellness (Penguin, 1999), explains that cold and flu infections, allergies, asthma, and other chronic respiratory conditions are "directly linked to a weakened immune response" due to "disturbed, irregular habits of breathing." Drs. Robin Monro, R. Nagarathna, and H.R. Nagendra, authors of Yoga for Common Ailments (Fireside, 1991), also emphasize breathing exercises. Sectional breathing and rapid abdominal breathing (Kapalabhati) "increase the resistance of your respiratory tract," they advise, while the nasal wash and alternate-nostril breathing "increase the resistance of your sinuses." Recent findings from a Penn State University study involving 294 college students support this. Those who irrigated daily with saline experienced a significant reduction in colds.

(Article in Yoga Journal by Angela Pirisi about the benefit of yoga on the immune system).

If you are local to Streatham Common,feel free to book here and bring your mat on the grass.
The group is now expanding rapidly and the energy of this little community is just fantastic. All  experience levels welcome. Simply bring your mat.


Streatham Common. Across the road at the top of Valley Road, usually near the shade of the trees close to the right side path).


► Step 1: Select the class that you want to book on the schedule - bottom of the page (use arrows to navigate to your desired day);
► Step 2: At checkout, you'll be invited to pay for a single class or choose between the various discounted options available (see below).


(Same as Online Classes)

► 1 single 60 minute class at Wellfield Centre on Monday = £13
► 1 Single 75 minutes Class - also available on Zoom (Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday mornings)= £12
► 1 Single 90 minutes Class (Thursday morning, Friday afternoon) = £14
► 5 class pack = £50 (valid one month)
Full Access 1 Month Membership - All Park Yoga classes + any Online Classes = £70
► 1-to-1 - £40/hour