PARK YOGA 2022 Are you ready?

3Day Morning Yoga Immersion
August 8th, 9th, 10th
Starting at 8am and lasting 75 minutes, these morning sessions on the grass, under the trees and the morning sun are an opportunity to integrate some major aspects of a balanced and nurturing yoga practice. Moving the body is greatly beneficial, especially when done with awareness of the breath and of the energetics of the practice we engage in.
The "3 Day Morning Yoga Immersion" is an opportunity to make a significant change at the energetic level, using the tools of Pranayama, Asana and Meditation, so that we can witness in the way we show up in our daily life, the subtle or obvious changes that Yoga creates on the level of the physical body but also in the realm of creativity, clarity and foresight.
The benefits from this immersion? Stepping out of the comfort zone to embrace this experience will not only energise you on all levels of being but give you some tools that you can apply when a shift is needed, whether it's on the mental, emotional or physical level...


Park Yoga sessions... Stay informed

The Park Yoga sessions are weather dependant and therefore a weekly email will be sent to you every Sunday (Park Yoga Weekly Schedule) and will contain dates and times of the sessions for the week ahead. Some weeks, there wont be any session, so make sure you check the email (or the schedule on this page). 

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On the grassy area facing the Rookery Cafe at the top of Streatham Common. (plenty of shade here if needed).


3 Day pack for "Morning Yoga immersion" = £30
Single Session "Morning Yoga immersion" = "£13

First time booker? Choose a date on the schedule at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions presented to you. Once you've chosen which day you are booking for You will be able to choose Single session or 3Day Pack at check out.