The  "S" Files

The S Files - What is Savasana?

From the various the practices of yoga, the one that is the most beneficial when it comes to relax and let go of mental and physical agitation and stress is the practice of Savasana. It is a practice that involves no need for any particular belief and no physical activity..

Savasana is the moment of deep relaxation that is offered at the end of a yoga class. With "The S FIles", the benefits of this experience of deep rest and letting go is made accessible to everyone, yogi or not. You can use the "S Files" whenever you have been working out or simply need to reconnect to your inner peace.
Sometimes, the best way forward is to stop completely for a moment. Savasana offers just that.

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Lying down on the back, in silence, dimmed light and total comfort of the body can be more challenging than it seems. And precisely because it is a "non-doing" thing, it has huge pay-offs in terms of allowing the natural physiological equilibrium of the body, counteracting the effects of the adrenaline-cortisol that have been flushed throughout the body during workout or challenging situations prior to Savasana. While organs can return to a normal functioning and nervous system recedes to a neutral state of arousal, blood pressure goes down, diaphragm relaxes, indicating to the brain, via the vagus nerve, that it is time for rest and repair (homeostasis).

The Science Behind Savasana

Yoga Relaxation (Savasana) decreases cardiac sympathovagal balance in hypertensive patients
► ...”Objective: The objective of this research was to investigate the effects of savasana relaxation on cardiovascular autonomic modulation in hypertensive patients2...
► … “Conclusion: Savasana Relaxation decreases cardiac sympathetic autonomic modulation after its performance in hypertensive patients; this reduction lasts at least 35 minutes and is not blunted in hypertensive patients when compared to normotensive controls. Thus, savasana relaxation has positive effects on cardiac autonomic modulation of hypertensive patients, and may be included as a strategy for the non-drug treatment of hypertension.”

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