YIN YOGA - Power of stillness

What is yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a therapeutic method, rooted in yoga and geared towards increasing the range of motion of the joints and the tissues that dynamic exercise alone finds difficult to target, if at all...
It has its origin in the traditional form of hatha yoga but focuses essentially (only) on the poses that require minimum muscular activity, in order to promote optimum response from the connective tissues.

Who can benefit from yin yoga?

► Your daily life is very busy, competitive... stressful;
► You hold some chronic pains (of course their nature may require medical attention, but yin yoga has been proven to help significantly in reducing chronic pain);
► Your practice some sport that is focusing essentially on some group muscles and restrict mobility in others...
► you practice yoga;
► you are neither sportive or yogi but don't want to lose mobility with ageing.

There are only good reasons for leaning into this wonderful practice that is also very soothing for busy minds...


Prices are for 75 minutes sessions
Single Yin Yoga session= £15.
4 Yin Yoga Session =£50. (valid for 2 months when purchased before August)

Where in Streatham? ► The session take place at Yogarise Streatham - Studio is located on Prentis Road, close to the junction with Streatham High Road.