Yoga Group Classes
Asylum Road SE15

The classes take place at 12b Asylum Road -SE15 2RL
The sessions last for 75minutes and are suitable to beginners and more experience yogis.

A little bit of Yang and a little bit of Yin

Evening yoga is about releasing the tensions of the day and prepare for a good night (an a good tomorrow). The energising nature of flowing movements (yang) which improve heart and lungs functions, motricity and balance, are generally better suited to morning yoga. In the evening, after a day of "busy-ness", we keep this aspect mild an balance it with soothing and more restorative poses. Yin poses come to provide this balance. They do not require muscular engagement an by holding for few minutes, we gain access to the areas where tension lies, deep within the connective tissues (and in the mind)... And we allow it to be released.

Sessions end with a full body relaxation.


Drop-in or Membership?

The room offers limited spaces, make sure to place your booking online (see schedule at the bottom of this page).

You can book for a single session (Drop-in price £15) or opt for a monthly membership (£55). The membership renews itself automatically every month on the date of initial purchase. 

► You can stop your membership anytime. Simply log in your user account (just like when booking a class), click on "cancel membership". Membership will only expire at the end of the current ongoing period.

Important Requirements

It is important that you are on your mat few minutes before class starts.
- Session opens at 6:20pm;
- Class starts at 6:30pm;
- Door closes at 6:25pm - Please DO NOT RING the buzzer after that time.

If it your first time attending, please arrive 10 minutes earlie so that you can make yourself comfortable and let your teacher know of any condition that he should be aware of.

► Before class:
- Do not eat a full meal in the 2 hours before a class, it will make you feel very uncomfortable (little snack is ok).
- Avoid fizzy drinks or fruit juices just before class, you re going to struggle to hold the gas in...
- Avoid alcohol or recreational drugs in the hours before your yoga class.

► On entering the building - BE AWARE!
- Therapy sessions might be ongoing on the first floor. Please ONLY USE BLUE BUTTON ON THE BUZZER
Once upstairs, please remain quiet in the changing room and in the yoga room. 

► What you need to bring: 
- Bring your own mat, a small towel, socks, a little blanket for the relaxation time when body cools down.
- You can bring some water.
- If you can get a yoga block or two (from £5 online), they can be very useful to find more comfort, balance in some poses.
- Refrain from using perfume when coming to yoga.


BOOKING schedule