the yoga brother


What is it about?
A way of supporting each other's journey. The platform isubscribestar is a subscription based platform that allows YOU to receive from me on a weekly basis, tutorials, guidance and perspectives on yoga, healing and transformation.
Your subscription will be a valued contribution making possible for me to bring to you the type of content that you choose, whether it is inspiration for staying connected to the wisdom of yoga, classes guidance to support your first steps in the practice of asana and meditation or whether you feel a calling for going under the surface and are ready for the empowering journey of Spiritual Warrior.

► Supporter - £2.5/month subscription - for those interested only in receiving some inspiration from articles and quotes providing insight into the workings and benefits of yoga. No need to be involved in the practice of postures or meditation to benefit from the wisdom nuggets shared here.
► Mind and Body - £5/month subscription - for those, interested in the practice of posture and also meditation, relaxation and who want to receive my video classes, tips and tutorials, recorded meditations.
(Mind and Body subscribers also have access to the wisdom nuggets that Supporter subscribers receive).

► Spiritual Warrior - £15/month subscription - The Spiritual Warrior subscription is really for those who are not only committed and curious about yoga but about the whole picture... The seeking minds... Here, I am committing to provide you with tools that are usually only to be found in specialised workshops and trainings for teachers, practices and tutorials to take your journey to the next level. Biology, Psychology, Healing modalities, Yoga, I share here with the Spiritual Warriors, the stuff that has been instrumental in expanding my perspectives along the past few decades...Special guests will be invited from time to time to contribute with their expertise and wisdom, to the journey of the Spiritual Warriors.