Many accidents on the slopes, if not most, are due to a poor physical preparation (or lack of it) prior to launch the body into a week of demanding activity...

A Yoga practice in the morning before you go out on the slopes will allow you to start, strong in your legs and in your belly and calm in your head. A restorative session at the end of the day will drain your muscles from lactic acid and prepare you fro a fully restorative night. I am a Level snowboard3 and I have a real passion for this sport. I have experienced some knee issues and yoga has helped me to keep practicing safely.

With a Power Yoga sequence specially crafted to awaken your body, increase strength, optimise the way you breathe, and create more space in tight areas of the body, you’ll not only have more power in your turns and be able to last longer on the slopes, you’ll also get a larger range of motion in your body and on your board or skis (main focus here will be on legs and core).

  • feel great from the first minutes on the slopes;
  • you will definitely reduce the risk of accidents;
  • optimize your recovery from the day with some stretching and guided relaxation;

And remember: A continuous practice is your better guarantee of minimising the risks injuries as gradually, you improve your alignment and maximise the mobility of your joints. Of course, in case of fall or collision, the risks of injury remain important, so ride sensibly, even when feeling great…
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