Event Yoga on the Grass
+ Sound Healing Relaxation - 2 Hour Class

► Saturday June 15th
From 6 to 8pm

Woodfield Recreation Ground (Tooting Common)Access from 16a, Abbotswood Rd, London SW16 1AP or from Tooting Common - Emmanuel Road Area (See map at botom of this page))

Feeling the Earth under the feet and the breeze touching the skin as you move from posture to posture, aware of the breath and of the open surroundings... In my own experience, practicing yoga out on the grass is one of most rewarding practice in terms of the state it leaves you in, both physically and emotionally.
The sensations of feeling one with Nature and the awareness of the body, breath and mental quietness are much more powerful and easy to notice and this sensation of lying down on Earth is just priceless...
There is more to yoga than postures. We will start by some envigorating pranayama (harnessing of energy through breathing techniques) and bring the body into postures that will allow the release of tensions and opening and softening of all major froup muscles. The breath being the backbone of yoga work, the focus will be constantly brought back to awareness of the breath. This will be made easy by the fact that we are practicing in the open and able to feel the breeze moving around us and within us...
During the last 30 minutes, as you lie down comfortably on your back with receiving some gentle assitance to relax even deeper (neck massage, shoulder adjusting, head massage...) the whole space will be filled by the Healing Sounds that Ximena Miranda will play around you... If you never experienced a Sound Healing meditation before, you're in for a treat...
If you have the time, allow yourself to take your experience of feeling good to a new height, book your space now by clicking the button "Buy Now" at the top of this page.

Price is £20 for the two hours class.
► 90 minutes of movement;
► 30 minutes of deep guided relaxation, lying on your back, with enchanting healing sounds being played around you, floating between grass and sky...

Conditions to join?
► Everyone with few hours of yoga under their belt can join;
► Use the Paypal button make your booking online.
(Cash payment will not be accepted on the day).

What to bring?
► A yoga mat;
► A bottle of water;
► A towel;
► Sun lotion (better be safe than sorry);
► A fleece or light blanket (to make sure you stay warm during relaxation, lying down);

Let's have a great outdoor moment together.
See you on the grass!

Yoga on the grass, best feeling ever...
Yoga on the grass, best feeling ever...
Ximena playing Healing Sounds
Ximena playing Healing Sounds
The Meadow is very easy to access coming from Emmanuel Road area...
The Meadow is very easy to access coming from Emmanuel Road area...

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