Group Classes

If you live around South London, you can join me for yoga at the gym. 45 and 60 minutes classes.
Don't be too attached to the various and always expanding list of class denomination... Marketing can sometimes get carried away.
Just remember that Vinyasa and Power Yoga are more suited for those looking for stronger physical engagement.
Align class (Virgin Active) is a type of class with no flowing component to it but rather, longer hold of poses - a different type of challenge for both body and mind).
Regardless of the class label, you will be invited to attend to your breath, to pay attention to the sensations around your body, to be present.

► YOGA ALIGN @6:45am for 60mins - Virgin Active Wandsworth
► YOGA ALIGN @10:15am for 45mins - Virgin Active Streatham

► HOT YOGA FLOW @6:45am for 60mins - Virgin Active Wansdworth
► YOGA FLOW @6:30pm for 60mins - Virgin Active Fulham
► YOGA ALIGN @7:45pm for 60mins - Virgin Active Fulham

► YOGA all levels - @11am for 60mins - PureGym Streatham
YOGA for All - @6:30pm for 60mins- Fitness First Streatham
► POWER YOGA for All - @8:30am - for 60mins - Fitness First Streatham
► YOGA DYNAMIX - @11am for 60mins - PureGym Streatham

Things to consider when you join a yoga class :

  1. Wash. 
  2. Ideally, be on your mat without your phone, 5 minutes before class starts.
  3. Move silently when you enter the room, be aware that some participants have already tuned in...
  4. Be gentle with yourself. Be curious and follow the invitations to "breathe out like you're free"...