Life Coaching Sessions

Life can sometimes throw us curveballs, leaving us with questions, feeling stuck with uncertainties. The coaching sessions will help you to gain clarity on your life, on your goals, and help you transform what needs to be transform in your life so you can live a more vibrant life, geared towards abundance, better health and fulfilling relationships.

What can you expect from these sessions?
- A safe, judgment-free space to discuss your concerns;
- Guidance and strategies to help you move forward with confidence;
- Setting up easily actionable steps to see your transformation bringing gradual and tangible results.
- Follow up with support and motivation as you work towards your best self.
Whether you're grappling with career choices, personal relationships, Wellness goals or simply want to boost your self-esteem and happiness, I'm here to listen and support your expansion.
How to Get Started:
We start with a short pre-coaching call when we can discuss your overall goals and see what package will best suit your needs. You can contact me via email at ds****@gm***.com (write "Coaching Call" in the subject line).

Clarity Coaching Session

This session will suit you if you are simply looking at some help to find some clarity in decision making over a situation that has been stagnant for a while. It may also be what you need to understand in practical terms how this partnership can help you.
This session cannot be booked more than once within 3 months.

  • 1 x 45-minute sessions (over WhatsApp or Zoom)
  • Assessment interview
  • Short-term goal setting


12 Week Coaching Package

This package is for you if you are preparing for a life project that needs to bring together your goals on multiple levels - physically, emotionally, financially, socially.

  • 6 x 45-minute sessions (over WhatsApp or Zoom)
  • 6 x 60 -minute sessions (over WhatsApp or Zoom)
  • Assessment interview;
  • Short and long-term goal setting;
  • Resources for psychometric profiling;
  • Resources for evaluating and monitoring your progression;
  • Email and chat support between coaching sessions.


6 Weeks Coaching Package

This package is for you if you want to create the conditions for a change that is happening or about to happen soon in your life (presonal life, well-being, spiritual, professional).

  • 6 x 45-minute sessions (over WhatsApp or Zoom)
  • Assessment interview
  • Short-term goal setting
  • Email and chat support between coaching sessions.


Those who have embraced a yoga practice recently may wonder if there are connections and compatibility of outcomes between yoga and Life Coaching, the answer is a resounding YES. Yoga can be a powerful tool for life coaching in several ways.
► Mind-Body Connection - Yoga promotes awareness of the mind-body connection, helping individuals understand and manage their emotions, stress, and overall well-being;
► Stress Reduction - Yoga practices, such as meditation and deep breathing, can help clients reduce stress, anxiety, and improve their mental clarity;
► Self-Discovery - Through yoga, individuals can explore their inner selves, set intentions, and work on personal development goals;
► Goal Setting - Yoga can help to set and achieve physical and mental goals, whether related to fitness, emotional balance, or personal growth;
► Resilience and Adaptability - Yoga fosters resilience and adaptability, qualities that can be useful in dealing with life's challenges and changes;
► Improved Health - Yoga can contribute to better physical health, which is often a foundational aspect of achieving one's life coaching goals.
Integrating yoga into life coaching sessions can provide a holistic approach to personal development, addressing both the mental and physical aspects of life.