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Meditation & Relaxation

Meditate or medicate...
It's no secret today that meditating a good healthy and liberating habit to implement in our daily life but how resistant are we when it comes to decide that the time is now to put everything on pause?
The (thinking) mind is constantly finding reasons for us not to make this decision of putting it on the back seat…

This series of guided relaxations and meditations, (from 7 minutes to 1 hour long) will help those who might need some assistance to find some head space, reconnect with the parts of them inaccessible when living under the pressure of overthinking and deadlines... These recordings can also help to start a meditation routine; each recordings is an invitation and an opportunity to establish a more intimate connection with your breath, with your body and will help you bring your mind to a place where there is space and peace...

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BONUS: The "S-Files"
In addition to the guided relaxations and meditations, you also get the links to 17 recordings called the “S Files”…
The S Files (2 to 7 minutes) are extracted from the relaxing final stage of yoga classes (Savasana) and they are for those moments when you "need a break" or need to "regroup" but you cannot afford enough time to sit and meditate. They can be used whenever you need to relax in a short time.


►  Easy Beginner's Meditation- "In this 14 minutes seated meditation, all you have to do is to sit, straight and tall, with your back away from the back of the chair if you choose to sit on a chair... 
►  Aware, Alive - A short meditation (7:30 mins) to help you step out of excessive thinking activity and into awareness of the living body. Music: "Temple of Silence" by Deuter. 
►  Trust the Seasons - Healing Meditation - 23.44 minutes.
►  Light & Darkness - Meditation to feel whole and reconcile our luminous and dark sides. To do lying down(Savasana). Duration: 10:17 minutes. 
►  Step Into Your Future Now - Watching the thoughts appear in your awareness, passing by and disappearing... Duration: 11:49 minutes. 
Full Body Relaxation
Guided relaxation to listen to anytime you need a deep rest of body and mind - 15 minutes. 

►  Intuition and Heart Re-connection - Connect to the most powerful and deepest part of you - 22 minutes. 
►  Who's Watching the Mind - Feel whole NOW in the energy of the one you wish to become. Duration: 22:48 minutes.
►  Grounded, Connected, Expansive - To feel grounded and feed the whole of you with the energy of the heart. Duration: 44 minutes.
►  Yoga Nidra - Connect to Your Ultimate Presence
Come to rest and abide into the deep ultimate unchanging presence that you are, with the practice of Yoga Nidra. Duration: 57:29 minutes.

►  The"S-Files" 
17 short recordings, 2 to 7 minutes long - to help you expand your perspectives when you only have few minutes to relax your mind.