Stephane Kouame


The Yoga practices help to find a place within where we are calm, strong, safe and peaceful. Conscious breath, movement and meditation ease the flow of energy to create a peaceful state of mind and more comfortable body.
For 5 years,  I have been teaching group classes in gym, studios, hired venues, in the work place, and private tuitions - in London and abroad.
With each new interaction with you guys I learn more, with each new class and lecture I am attending, I learn more and have more to share with you. Whether you are new to this or not, I want to welcome you to any of my classes.

Stephane Kouame yoga

Living on the edge... of the comfort zone

My classes combine dynamic elements, stretching and holding of poses. I also provide variations on poses to allow each students to deeper their exploration of the postures if they wish to. While respecting each student's integrity and capabilities, I invite all to reach a little further away from their comfort zone, but always in a way that doesn't not compromise easiness of the breath or safety.