The Yoga practices help to find a place within where we are calm, strong, safe and peaceful. Conscious breath, movement and meditation ease the flow of energy to create a peaceful state of mind and more comfortable body.

Based in South-London, you can find me in Peckham, where I teach a group class every Monday, from Thursday to Sunday evening and other days in Streatham, teaching at Wellbeing95 and at Firness First.  I am also teaching classes in the work place and keep time open for private tuitions too. 


This year, I am offering more workshops and special classes for people to come together and celebrate movement, breath, camaraderie and connection. 

Living on the edge... of the comfort zone

My classes combine dynamic elements, stretching and holding of poses. I also provide variations on poses to allow each students to deeper their exploration of the postures if they wish to. While respecting each student's integrity and capabilities, I invite all to reach a little further away from their comfort zone, but always in a way that doesn't not compromise easiness of the breath or safety.

Stephane Kouame yoga