So... What is Power Yoga?

The practice of moving with the rhythm of the breath (vinyasa) and most of the postures taught in a Power Yoga sequence, originate from Ashtanga Yoga.
The term "Power Yoga" is sometimes misunderstood. In our world of image-dictature and demand for quick fixes. Some people may draw the rapid conclusion that the style only focuses the body. Beyond the physicality of the practice, Power Yoga is also an invitation to discover and embrace the many other aspects of Yoga. Anyone who has committed for a while to this supercharged practice knows that it is completely compatible with more traditional aspirations. Like traditional styles, a class of Power Yoga class definitely encourages mindfulness and the paramount importance of living with a conscious breathing.

Be Safe, Be Gentle, Have Fun

Practicing Yoga is not about forcing the body into postures but rather about exploring and accepting our limits and work from there. The point where we meet resistance (our edge), on the mat or in Life in general is the place where we learn and initiate growth.

One of the pillar principles of Yoga is non-violence; therefor, in our practice, we should not try to muscle our way through. Being attentive to any sensation in the body is the key to safe progression. Although there can be sensations of unease and tension, Yoga should never hurt. .

Diby Stéphane Kouamé