The winter season is about to start, with its promises of great fun shared with friends and family.Whether or not it is your first time going to ski or snowboard, you definitely want to make the most of your time on the slopes, don't you?

As a keen snowboarder and yoga teacher, I know the importance of being (and staying) in good physical shape during the time out in the mountains.
Skiing and snowboarding are fun but these activities demand that you are in good shape if you are to fully enjoy your week on the slopes. Unfortunately,
accidents occur, and it has been brought to public knowledge that most accidents actually are due to a poor physical preparation (or lack of it) prior to launch the body into a week of demanding activity. 


 ► ► ►The link to the course will be available here mid-December ◄◄◄

Based on what I have learned from around 40 weeks of snowboarding and teaching about 1400 hours of yoga, I have designed a simple and effective course with the intention of helping people to increase muscle strength/flexibility in the lower body and  core muscles, AND to gain overall mobility of spine and hips. Starting 2/3 weeks leading to the trip to the mountains and during your ski trip, the course curriculum will also provide you with short practices, based on yoga and mindfulness, to ensure that you start each day feeling ready in body and mind, and end each day with a soothing and restorative practice.
- Those who do not practice a sport regularly and want to strengthen their body to make the most of their time on the slopes;
- Those who do exercise regularly and are interested in learning movements that will be specific to enhance their mobility when skiing or snowboarding;
- Those who know how the body gets stiffer as the week progresses and want to learn practices to soothe the stiffness and relax the body to maintain their potential for fun the next day.
- Those who have looked into online videos for skiers and snowboarders and would like to find something more than just movements... Something that could literally be life changing...