Find me in Yoga at your local gyms

You live around Streatham? You can join me in the two main local gym:

FITNESS FIRST Streatham - Find me here on Friday 6:30pm and Sunday morning 8:30am (Click here to book on their web site). Make sure to book early if you don't want to be on the waiting list. 

ENERGIE FITNESS Streatham - Find me here on Tuesday 7pm and Sunday 10:30am (Click here to book on their web site)


Things to consider when you join a yoga class :

  1. 5 minutes before session starts, spots are given to those waiting. DO NOT arrive last minute or late.
  2. Be on your mat, without your phone, 5 minutes before class starts.
  3. Leave bags, shoes and phone in a locker.
  4. move silently when you enter the room, be respectful for those who are already in "the zone".
  5. Appreciate that you're not here to perform but to feel good.